A Reiki Circle is the perfect place to do a little hands on Reiki with people as well as to receive positive energy.  You do not need to know Reiki to attend our Reiki circle - you may come just to receive. 


What to expect

  • We begin with a short meditation to release the stress of the day.
  • Next Reiki Practitioners will first work with themselves then you will then have the opportunity to provide Reiki with other attendees. 
  • We use the remaining time for a very special tradition of sending positive loving energy to each other as well as to people we believe could use some.
  • Finally you are able to put a request for Reiki in our Reiki box to provide distance Reiki to you, someone you care about or to even a situation. This positive energy will be sent to your request every day for a week.

Our Reiki Circle is for an hour 6:45-7:45
$10 per person

Located at Tranquility Within

64 West Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772