1.  Reiki Level I - Beginning with Self 

 2.  Reiki Level II  -  Beginning with Others 

 3. Advanced Chakra Work

 4.  Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

 5. Cord Healing  

 6. Intuitive Reiki 


8.  Running Sessions

 9.Reiki Master/Teacher

11. Reiki Circle Training



When you participate in this 12 month Reiki Course you will be provided: Knowledge, Techniques and Hands on practice like no other.   This program offers you the many different modalities that are interesting, fun and effective.

If you already are Reiki II / II and would like to participate in the program, no problem, welcome.  Contact me and we will start you in the program right where you belong.

Premium Reiki

Certification Program

From the beginning your Reiki journey to mastering your techniques.