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                                           Try This

There are many different types of writing prompts to help you to begin writing.

Pictures can be very effective prompts.

The Burdick Mystery is a fun way to use pictures.

Google the Burdick pictures to get the story - it's interesting and adds some intrigue. 

November is the perfect month to focus on gratitude. 

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. 

I love being with my family, eating a wonderful meal (thank you Aunt Millie) and just laughing for hours.  I truly give thanks for these moments in my life.

Gratitude is a wonderfully high vibration AND gratitude can lift your mood and assist in manifesting great things in your life.

Try this:

Make Thanksgiving everyday! 

Everyday write down your gratitudes.

Choose a journal

     This can be anything from a composition book to a beautifully bound journal

Choose a time

  •      Pick a time that works best for you daily. 
  •      Before bed, Start of your day, Lunch time

Choose your form

  • You can write out sentences
  • You can make lists


Try to make it a wonderful time of your day.  Have a nice calming tea and find a tranquil space.  Be mindful while writing your gratitudes and feel the joy of the thankful moments. Just write.

Key - If you are having a very hard day and it is very difficult to find anything to be grateful for - do not struggle and reach so far for an answer.

Keep it simple 

Thankful for the:

  • Air breathed easily into your lungs.
  • Food in your belly.
  • Bed you sleep in

For if you have those things, you have more than a lot of people.


​Here is an example of my Grateful List


Italian Ices

The sound of my children laughing

The sky during an amazing sunset

Hot tea on a rainy night

The perfect essential oil to match my mood

Date night

Watching my girls bake cookies together

Bday parties at my parents house

Left - right - center with my family and friends - especially when I win

Welcome To The Journaling Room

Last Month

Here is a picture from Burdick.

Now begin to write about what you see, such as: 

  • Create a story from the image?
  • How does this picture make you feel?
  • What does this remind you of?