Welcome to your journey of becoming a skilled empath.



Each session is about 60 min.

$100 per session 


Acupuncture Wellness Services
872 Middle Country Road
St. James, NY  11780
Upstairs suite 5 & 6

Tranquility Within
64 West Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

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These sessions are to help Empaths like you find your way in a world that can feel too overwhelming. 

Each session has two parts.

1.  You will be provided tools and techniques to assist you with your Empath abilities as well as how to navigate your way in an energetically overwhelming world

2  The second half of the session you will be receiving a Reiki session designed especially for an empath.  The negative energy you have absorbed can be released and you can begin to feel balanced and centered again.

Important Skills You Need To Master

* Know Thy Self

* Empath Self-Care

* Embrace Your Gifts

* Keep Grounded

* Enjoy Your Life

* Help / Not Save or Fix Others