How to Register

1.  Call Tranquility Within and register over the phone.   (631) 793-2500

2.  Go into the store and register in person.

3.  Register online - click on button - it takes you to the website - click register and scroll down to this workshop and register from there.

*You pay for the workshop during registration to save your spot.

10 Amazing Topics You Will Enjoy.

1. Discovering an empath's traits

2. Intuition 

3. Manifesting

4. Awareness

5. Stop fighting against yourself

6.  Energy Contagion 

7.  Grounding Techniques

8.  Get back in your body

9 . Being a giver with boundaries

This workshop is 60 min. and $25

Located at:

Tranquility Within
64 West Main Street
Patchogue, NY  11772​

Saturday September 28th

Are You an Empath Workshop